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Panoramic Image

Featuring stunning landscapes and finer details, the panoramic images span across all of Tasmania’s amazing scenery. Take your time flicking through these images and take the time to truly absorb some of the finest scenery Tasmania has to offer.

Macro Image

I particularly enjoy doing macro photography. I find myself looking at the world in a completely different way than with any of my other work. There is so much in the small details of nature that can be missed if you don’t REALLY stop to take it all in. For this kind of work you have to sit back and absorb the wilderness a while, clear your mind from the office stress, the traffic and mobile phones you left behind and then the details begin to reveal themselves. Sometimes, I find, the beauty is in the little things.”

Landscape Image

Tasmania has long been renowned for its amazing and mostly untouched landscape and wilderness. From the wild west coast to the windswept rugged mountain, lush Gondwana rain forest to the beautiful white sandy beaches of the east coast. The landscape gallery has it all. So enjoy flicking through the images and be carried away to another time and place.

Black and White Image

A stunning collection of black and white images rich with fine detail and brooding landscapes from around Tasmania. Highlighting textures, patterns and fleets of light. Simply taking the distraction of the colour aspect from a photo can give it an entirely different feel. As you look through this selection of images take note of just how differently they affect you than if they had been full colour photographs.