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Artscapes is the long awaited book by Wolfgang Glowacki and is a stunning collection of Tasmanian photography taken over the last five years.

The art series book is hard covered and has 96 pages and contains over 100 of Wolfgang's best photographs as well as some previously unreleased works.

The photographs has been stunningly reproduced in full colour using state of the art six colour press and are further enhanced by the beautiful writings of Tasmanian writer Amanda Kay.
Artscapes by Wolfgang Glowacki

For the pleasure of the soul, there are moments captured, of a land, a mystical land. This isle of Tasmania. It's diverse life and ranging landscapes speak to the heart, to those that hear the whisper in the trees, to anyone that notices the sparkle on the leaves. Embark on a journey, and let these pages of imagery inspire you. Five years roaming this beautiful island, many a cold morning through wind and rain. Listening, waiting for these moments. The crashing of waves, the shimmer of light, the flow, the ebb of life. The beating of this land, it's beauty found dancing in the sand, through the caves and upon the rocks. To find the art of the universe, let nature speak, the rotting leaf creates a web of intricate shapes. The mind wanders into dreamtime, it hears the story of a leaf, once lived green within the forest. Slowly ever so slowly after it's gracious surrender. It accepts the forest floor, it sits in green, then slowly to brown. It dissolves, nourishing the soil. Forever a part of life. To passers by it may be missed. To an artist eye it's layers are captured in time.